“The programme that the Elite Commandos devised for our enrichment week not only met the needs of our children but also fitted perfectly within our ethos. The theme of the week was ‘Growth Mindset’ and the team worked hard to produce a programme of activities from Year 1 to Year 6. The discipline was spot on, the activities motivating and engaging, giving all the children a really memorable experience. All the staff involved commented on how ECS’s enthusiasm and belief in their values had a positive impact on all the children, especially some of our more vulnerable families. The children worked really hard loving every minute!”

– Gina Thompson, St Matthew’s Primary School, Stroud

“The Elite Commando Survival programme has been spot on for our targeted group of students in year 10. Key messages have been underpinned by practical based activities all delivered by two excellent role models in Grant and Matt. The programme has met the needs of the boys involved and has helped to improve their attitude and reduce their number of behaviour referrals. Grant is clearly very committed and passionate in making a difference to the lives of the young people involved.”

– Rachel Obryan, Assistant Head at Archway School

“St. Peter’s has found Elite Commando Survival to be an inspiring and positive company to use in partnership with our pastoral team. Grant and Matt were brilliant at talking to the students at their level and at using their experiences in the Marines to show the students just what skills were required to be successful in life. We ran a 5 week pilot course with 10 students and progress was monitored in both behaviour and achievements but also in their attitude to learning in the classroom. After the programme we found 8 of the 10 had made positive progress with the majority not only eradicating the negative behaviour from their actions but also showing a better attitude to the classwork.

Grant and Matt had focused on resilience, ownership of one’s actions and a better empathy for others including teamwork. These life skills are starting to develop within our students as witnessed by the improvement in the students’ work. In my mind 80% is a very good strike rate for a pilot programme and this is why we are hoping to work with Elite Commando Survival again.”

– Anthony Lax, Assistant Head i/c KS4, St. Peter’s RC High School, Gloucester

‘It was good because it helped me to respect my teachers. I used to have loads of detentions but I haven’t had any this term so I know that it has improved my behaviour in school. The best thing about the course was the physical activities because I want to join the army and be a Marine when I am older. I could connect with the teachers because they know what it means to be in the Royal Marines.’
– George Meadows (Year 8)

I would definitely recommend this as an intervention. There was a clear impact on the behaviour of our targeted Year 8 boys in quite a short time. It was a great opportunity for them to have our expectations reinforced in a completely different way.
– Josie Hilton, Assistant Headteacher Churchdown School

My little boy loves Mini Marines & gets so excited when it is a Wednesday. As he is so young I did worry whether he would fit it but you have all made him feel so welcome & he has so much fun & is looking forward to the holiday club in February!
– Alison Burrow

My son left his first session really excited and can’t wait to go again. He loved the whole thing and didn’t want to leave. He has already asked how many more days until it’s on again. Really hoping he will learn lots of new things.
– Sarah Belshaw

My son came out so excited after his first session and hasn’t stopped talking about it since!!! I already feel like he will gain so much from this experience.
– Lucy Wade

Grant, and his team, has been working with our first cohort of students and completed the 12 week training sessions very recently. In this time, I have found Grant to be organised, focussed on the students’ strengths and areas of concern, and shown great positivity towards the students in his charge.

Feedback from the students has been uniformly positive: those students who were initially sceptical (and refused) to take part, have completed all 12 weeks and shown more self-awareness of school expectations and how to improve their own behaviours. Those students who were most enthusiastic have maintained this level of commitment and asked to continue into Cohort two, in the future.

Ultimately, for the school, we are looking to see more positive behaviours over time and, certainly, to see the positive rewards outweigh any negative sanctions. Across all students, there is clear evidence of a greater number of ‘house-points’ each week, also from an increasingly large number of subjects teachers. Whilst there are still instances of poor behaviour, this has dwindled over the twelve weeks, suggesting that the students are trying to work harder and behave better throughout the school day.

On behalf of the school, I am happy to contract a further 12 week programme and introduce a larger number of students to Grant and the team. The skills learnt build from: personal appearance; self-confidence; respect towards all people in school and beyond; demonstrating that positive effort is a better method of achieving success, compared to distraction and a lack of focus.

I look forward to continuing the programme from ‘Elite CommandoSurvival’ in the short and long term future.
– S. Clarkson Winchcombe School
(Deputy Headteacher: Curriculum)

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