Why Choose Military Mentors?

Our Military mentors have a wealth of life experience and exceptionally high standards.

With those that are disengaged either outside or inside the school setting, our mentorship programme will work on the social and emotional mindset of each individual to help them think like we do.

We will work very closely with your school to understand the objectives and personal plan of each student. Upon agreement we will build programme that aligns with both the school and our values.

Working With Us Works

This graph highlights a small group we mentored in 2017. The graph is a behaviour tracker across a 12 week period with our coaches.

We reduced the referrals from 67 to 0 with the whole group across a 12 week period.

The school identified the students as students who were on the verge of permanent expulsion. To this day it remains one of our greatest achievements as a business.

behaviour progress tracker


Our objective with every child is always the same – To have a positive impact on their lives.

As former serving Military personnel, we not only have a wealth of experience, Our Mentors hold the highest of standards and expectations. We believe our mentors are in a fantastic place to raise the standards and expectations of disengaged children as well as point them in a positive direction for the future. From the top to the bottom we have a passion to coach people that might not currently find a typical education setting the platform to express themselves.

Finally, The partnerships we build with your school as well as the individual we mentor, is vital to supporting the journey of each child back to school. As a business we are investing in the future of Military Mentors, our investment is wholeheartedly dictated by our future success.

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