"...you should simply be a slot on the National Curriculum..." Headteacher Lorna Middleton
   "...you should simply be a slot on the National Curriculum..." Headteacher Lorna Middleton

Corporate Commando

24 Hour Survival Challenge

Do you consider yourself a problem solver?
How would you cope under extreme pressure?

We are delighted to offer our new 24 hour survival challenge where we work to test the fitness and mindset of individuals and small groups.

We can not emphasise enough that either as an individual or as a team, this will be the toughest 24 hour assignment you will ever enrol on. The challenge at hand is – can you survive a day with former Royal Marines!? Based on our training at the Royal Marines, this event will replicate a scenario we have been through ourselves. This unique challenge has the ability to test both the body and mind in a way that’s never been tested before!

We are based in Gloucestershire and have 3 sites we can use to run this event, each with a differing environment.

  • Military Challenge
  • Military Challenge
  • Military Challenge
  • Military Challenge

Upon entering you will be welcomed by our staff at a remote location. A full brief of the event will be given and we will allocate any kit required to complete the 24hr challenge. Afterwards, each attendee will be given a full debrief evaluation from the staff along with a reference of completion.

Get in touch with us today and put your name down for our next 24 Hour Royal Marines Based Challenge!

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